... started watching yesterday is Terra Nova.

Yeah, I know, I'm watching too many T.V shows nowadays, but what can I do? I'm really bored, and at least they can take my mind off of things.

Now, I'm not going to say that this show is really awesome, but it is something to fill up the long hours of laziness.

And since there are a bunch of huge animals in it, I'm going to surprise you guys with some real terrific animals. Cause I know how much you love weird and ugly things.

1. Giant South African Earth Worm

I'm going to tell you guys that I've never felt so terrified of worms in my life as I am now. There is another version of a huge worm - it's about 3 feet long, and it freaking glows in the dark (oh, it's also blue!). It's called Terriswalkeris Terraereginae, and you can look it up for yourselves if you want. There is also another one, that's even bigger than that, and also lives in Australia, called giants Gippsland earthworm, which can grow up to 10 feet (305 centimeters). I think if someone would like to make a great sci-fi these would be a must have.

2. Giant Marine Isopod

I wish I could see your faces right now. This disgustingly huge thingy lives at the bottom of the seas though, so you have nothing to be afraid of. Well, at least until you will go snorkeling or something. And guessing by that picture they are planning on having you for dinner.

3. Spiders

You know I couldn't leave spiders off of this list. Spiders will make you want to run out of your house even if they are only as big as the nail on your pinky finger. This, though... this will make it to a couple of people's nightmares. This specific spider is called Nephila Edulis, and it will fu*king eat a bird! And just in case you don't believe me, here is a cool little video about it... enjoy!

4. Salamander

Sooo... Japan is also home for a bunch of ugly things- which is kinda surprising, looking at the size of this. You know the little salamanders you used to pet as a child- the ones that you always mistook for a lizard? Well, I guess there won't be a problem with this one. Here's a video about these smiley little monsters.

5. Giant moth

I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of butterflies either, but this is disgusting. I think I actually find this moth worse than the spider. If I were to come close to something like this I would probably cry like a little girl, and wish for a torch to kill it with fire. By the way, it's not Photoshopped.