... just love, is today's list on listverse.

Because, for some strange reason they came up with the idea of writing an article about what a person should do if they were contacted by freakin' aliens.

Yes you read that right.

Someone came up with a guide to the average alien ambassador... and I have to tell you, this article was one of the few that actually kept me glued to it enough so I could read it.

I'm going to link it to you guys, so you can read it too... you know, just in case you'll be the first one contacted by aliens.

Now, I'm also going to show you guys something we did...

I actually saw this thing quite a couple of times before but never tried it out. As soon as my sis found it on the net - of course we had to try it out immediately.

You see those gummy bears there?

The first one is a normal sweet... and the second one is infused with, you guessed it, vodka.

Now, we were not sure this will work at all, or that we will actually like it, but I'm going to have to approve of it.

It's amazingly tasty, and really fun to eat them. Just be careful with them... they aren't as innocent as you might think. I acted like a sneaky bastard and tried one out just a few minutes ago (there's a whole colony of vodkabears living inside a jar around here).

Lemme just tell you, I could get addicted to them.

They are all slippery - their consistency made me think of those little marble thingies you put in water and they get huge- and a little bit gooey too, just on the edge of disgusting and something truly epic.

I also think that eating about 5-6 of them at a time will get you at least tipsy (unless you're an alcoholic) cause they tend to hold in them quite a large amount of the vodka.

Speaking of the amount of the vodka... there really isn't a rule to how much vodka you use, but if you want the bears to soak up all of it put in just about enough to cover them.

I'm pretty sure everyone around you will love this, and it will be a great success for a party.