... finally managed, was to get out of the weird part of the internet.

Sometimes it happens that I stumble from one link to another and I just end up finding weirder and weirder things.

Now, let me tell you there isn't much I haven't heard or read about (well, maybe there is, but you know what I mean), but when I stumble on YouTube videos where girls shower with food and sing along to Britney Spears' toxic caps me in.

I think that was enough stumbling for the day...

So. Now that I'm trough with that I though I'll sweeten the day up with looking at cute animals. And no, I'm not thinking about cats. (Ewwwwww)

So, ladies and gentlemen... here are a couple of unusual pets you will probably either love or hate.

1. The axolotl

I first read about this one in some kind Hungarian comedy-slash-mystery book, called The Pendragon Legend. I had no idea what an axolotl was, and considering that the book had quite a few words in it (welsh, maybe?) I couldn't even pronounce, I just skipped over it. Then, when I read the book the second time, a few years later it was a little bit more clear what the hell it was about. Also, I had the internet at my hands by then, so I could just look it up without a problem. And this is what I came up with. These cute little things are actually salamanders, and they live under water. They also have the awesome ability to regenerate limbs, so they are used in lots of scientific researches. Sadly, they are nearly extinct since 2010 due to the urbanization in Mexico. Poor, poor fellas...

2. The sugar glider

These quite little things are a part of the possum family, and they are from Australia. They are highly intelligent, and because of this they bond with people quite easily. They also love to socialize, so if someone wanted this unique little pet they should get them in pairs. They love to climb trees, and as their name says they tend to glide from one tree to the other. Whoever adopts them would also need to be a night owl, because they rarely adapt to daytime activities.

3. The hermit crabs!

These cute little things aren't hermits at all. They love to spend their time with their fellows, and they also love to play. For example if you had quite a few of them and you placed an empty shell in the middle of their little town, it would start a moving frenzy. A hermie will move to the new one, and another one will move to this one's shell, and then another one will move to the other abandoned one... and so on and so forth!

4. Oh so cute miniature horses :)

You might think this one was Photoshopped... well, no, it isn't. These are actual, real horses, and not ponies either! They can even be trained to lead the blind, just like dogs. These miniature horses live one-third longer than large horses, so if you would buy one it would be around for a long time (about 25-35 years). Hell, there was a little horse by the name of Angel, who lived more than 50 years!

5. Miniature pigs...

All right, so you might say that having a pet pig is a little bit gross. But look at those cute little things! You can't do anything but squee in delight at those darlings... They are also called teacup pigs, reference to their small build.