...remember looking at with quite a bit of wonder, were some really beautiful bedrooms.

You know, you just click around the internet, following one link to the other, or just using the simple Stumbleupon (and since nowadays it's so fashionable, Pinterest), and suddenly you are just taken in by some really amazing looking home designs.

Some of them are just plain and simple, while others are something you wished for as a child - and deep down you still wish you would have something like that.

So today, I'm going to share with you guys some of my favorites...

Okay, so the first one:

This looks really simple, but at the same time it's something that wouldn't have crossed my mind in like... a million years. I'm pretty sure it would be great to just sit around in there and look at all those fishes, and getting up in the morning to that sight would probably get you energized in no time at all.

I love how simple this one is. One of the things I noticed in the modern bedrooms, is that they are really quite simple, and that they only have a couple of things in them, so the actual rooms look huge. The painting in it probably makes this even more true.

This little bedroom is quite charming on its own. It makes me think of sleeping in the middle of nature, but with the added feeling of being protected from the outside world. Though I find that those feather boas lying around the place were highly unnecessary.

I think out of all these this one is my favorite. Yes, it is a little bit crowded, but for some strange reason I love the colors, and all those bookshelves just make the whole thing even better. The only thing I would be afraid of in sleeping in here, is waking up with a bunch of those pictures and books falling on my head. Though, considering that in our real bedroom the bookshelf is above our beds and we sleep without a thought to them, I'm pretty sure I could cope...

This one is probably the most charming bedrooms I've seen in my life. I would have absolutely loved this one as a child, since I had quite an active imagination, and living in a fairy tale land such as this I could've made up amazing adventures.

I have actually no idea what this is supposed to be, but I freakin' love it. I love every single part of it, the starry night-sky, the red carpet, the feel of a little cottage, and the colors and the swirls make it look like a place disfigured and forgotten by time. Whoever came up with this idea... genius.

Also, since the last one was so close to the idea of a bed nook... I have to tell you guys, that transforming a closet into a nook like this, or to something like this:

Or maybe even this:

... is just amazing, plain and simple.

So, tell me... what caught your fancy?