... just found out is that today is Pi Day!

And thank god for YouTube for that, be cause I had no idea what to write about today.

I have no idea why someone would make up a holiday that celebrates a mathematical constant, but fu*k if I care... it's just another reason to drink and eat pies(?).

The funny thing is, there's also a Pi Approximation Day, which is held on July 22nd - according to our friend, Wiki- and this is because 22/7 is the commonly known approximation to Pi.

I just think, that this would be a really good episode for The Big Bang Theory...

But why just Pi, I wonder... what's so special about it?

I think I already mentioned Vihart in older posts... well, here is where she explains why the pi(e) is a lie!

Confused yet?

All right, back to celebrating Pi...

Apparently there was a need to make actual sites for this holiday... and there is even a guide on how to celebrate it!

Because, Einstein, Newton and Pythagoras forbid to do something that's not commemorating this number today!

If you are a nerd, though, here is the list of what you should do. It includes wearing Pi shirts, listening to Pi music, looking at Pi movies, playing Pi games, eating Pi food, and getting married on Pi day. (Who the fu*k came up with that anyway?)

But what are Pi songs, you might ask...

Yeah, if that's not nerdy enough for you, let's just look at some other vids... this is for example how Pi should sound if it were converted into music (I still don't get how he came up with this, but whatever. I'm gonna pretend I believe him, cause it's actually a catchy song)

And last, but not least... here's what YouTube also spotlighted for us... a domino pi!

Because I love watching dominoes falling... (Did anyone ever watch Domino Day? I feel another topic coming up....)