... promised you guys yesterday, was to write about crazy doctors today.

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I'm going to warn you that this post won't be pretty... so, this is the last time to shut the page and get out of here. For those who want to remain for the ride, welcome to your nightmare!

1. Sergei Bruyukhonenko
This soviet doctor experimented on dogs, and his experiments were probably the ones that lead to open-heart procedures.
He made up a machine that managed to keep the separated heart, lungs and head of a dog alive for quite a while. He wanted to prove that isolated organs could be brought back to life even though the body is dead.
Now, if you find severed heads, lungs and hearts working on their own without a body, don't click on the following video...

2. Vladimir Demikhov
All right, if the first one wasn't disgusting enough, let's take a step further. This doctor was again one of the people who would be considered mad by a lot of people. Maybe he was, but whatever anyone actually thinks he was one of the people who's experiments influenced the surgeries from these days. Because of what he did it's now possible to do heart transplantation on humans.
He took two different dogs and managed to sew them together in such a way that they both lived - as in, the head and front legs of a puppy was grafted onto the neck of a German shepherd.
There is a video about these poor guys too, and I'm going to post it, but again, I warn you, it won't be pretty!

3. Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov
Oh dear God, not another Russian guy! Well, apparently in Soviet Russia there isn't any lack of crazy people. Ivanov was a biologist who enjoyed making animal hybrids. There is nothing wrong with that, is it? He managed to make a zeedonk - a zebra and donkey hybrid, a zubron - a hybrid of a wisent and a cow, a hybrid of an antelope and a cow, a hybrid of a mouse and a rat, a mouse and a guinea pig, a guinea pig and a rabbit, and a rabbit and a hare.
The weird stuff isn't this, though.
He tried to make a humanzee- a hybrid of a human and, you guessed, a chimpanzee.
First he managed to get permission to use human semen on female chimpanzees in an attempt to get them pregnant. The experiment failed, obviously, so he started to look for some people who would sponsor his research to do the opposite... as in to use chimpanzee sperm on some women.
He managed to get the support for this one from some communists, and he even managed to find five women to do the dirty. But - thankfully- before anything could come of it the Ku Klux Klan (WTF) butted in and said that making a chimp-white girl hybrid is a lot worse than what they were fighting for until then.
Ivanov was arrested shortly after that.

4. Shiro Ishii
Yes, it's the Unit 731 guy, in case you were wondering. Ishii was a Japanese microbiologist, who began his experiments in a secret project for the Japanese military in 1932. Now, even if you have no idea what the Unit 731 was military, experiment and secret project in the same sentence would raise the warning signs, right?
The unit was built in 1936- a huge compound of about six square kilometers. He started his field tests in about 1942, tests about how germs could be dispersed via firearms and bombs. He also managed to conduct experiments about vivisection, forced abortion, simulated strokes, heart attacks, frostbite and hypothermia.
He subjected prisoners of war to vivisection without any anesthesia, AFTER infecting them with various diseases. They removed various organs to study these diseases while the patients were alive, because they feared that the decomposition will affect the results.
They amputated limbs, and reattached them to the opposite side of the body. They removed stomachs and reattached the esophagus to the intestines. They used human targets to test grenades, flame throwers and bombs.
They injected prisoners with diseases, infected them with syphilis, and gonorrhea via rape, and infested them with fleas to acquire disease carrying fleas.
They infected them with cholera, anthrax, tularemia and the plague. They hung people upside down to see how long it would take them to suffocate, they injected air into their arteries, and injected horse urine into their kidneys. And the list is not over.
Ishii was arrested at the end of the second World Warm but he managed to negotiate with them and obtained immunity in exchange of the information he gained during the experimentation. Ishii was never prosecuted for any crimes... he died in 67 of throat cancer.

5. Josef Mengele
You knew this was coming. I'm going to include a picture.

Just look at that face. If there was anyone out there that had a serial killer face, I think this guy would be it.
This little freak had two doctorates, but he didn't become famous for that.
He joined the Nazi Party in 1937, and a year later the SS.
He was awarded quite a few medals while he was in the army, but he was wounded in one of the campaigns and found medically unfit for combat.
He got back in touch with his mentor, and old assistant von Verschuer, who was a leading scientist in the field of genetics, and quite interested in twins.
He became the medical officer of a gypsy camp in 1943, but a year later all the inmates of this camp were gassed, so he became the medical officer in the main infirmary camp.
He was at Auschwitz for 21 months, time in which he was referred as "der weiße Engel" because of his white coat and his role to decide who will be retained for work and who will be sent to a gas chamber immediately.
He also went trough the incoming prisoners selecting the twins for his experimentation. These twins were then placed in special barracks.
He recruited two people to help with his experiments, a pediatrician by the name of Berthold Epstein and a pathologist by the name of Miklós Nyiszli.
Mengele also had an unhealthy interest in physical abnormalities like dwarfs. He attempted to change eye color by injecting chemicals in children's eyes. He sterilized women and used shock treatments on them. He injected chloroform to people's hearts, he sew together two children to create conjoined twins.
His subject were usually kept well fed, housed and generally better kept than the other prisoners but they usually had really painful deaths. He often visited the children in these camps and brought them sweets, and made them call him 'uncle Mengele'.
He performed vivisection on pregnant women, and other major surgeries without a anesthesia.
In those months approximately 1500 pairs of twins were subjected to his experiments, out of which only about 15 survived.
He made injections with lethal germs, sex change operations, the removal of organs and limbs, incestuous impregnations.
Mengele escaped from Germany in the last possible moment. The International Committee of the Red Cross has said it unwittingly provided travel papers to at least 10 top Nazis, including Adolf Eichmann, Klaus Barbie, Erich Priebke and Josef Mengele ... A statement issued by the ICRC, from its Geneva headquarters, said they were among thousands of people found in refugee camps who were given Red Cross travel documents.
He was never apprehended and lived for 35 years in hiding. He died in 1979, when he want for a swim and head a stroke. Even then his death wasn't found out until one year later.