... am finally free of is the damn holidays.

And now that I am, I'm also free to post something "normal" again.

And I'll start off with what I actually planned to write about a couple of days ago... you know, before the whole Easter thingy.

So, as I was saying, one of the past day I've been in the kitchen, cooking some lunch, and since my sister was still sleeping I couldn't pass the time with a couple of Facebook or gaming sessions.

I didn't have any other options but to spend the time quietly in the kitchen or turn the TV on and search for some background noise.

Now, I rarely listen/look at the TV but since I was also busy I thought it would be better to just listen to some music - that wouldn't require me to actually look at the screen.

And because I look so rarely at the TV I have no idea where any channels are, so I had to just click around and search for the first music channel that's available... which was, you guessed it, MTV.

Now, when I was a kid MTV was awesome, so of course I stuck to it. And let me tell you, there's nothing that can prepare you for the horrible experience of what they pass off as music nowadays.

I thank god for those rare instances where someone actually comes up with a good enough song.

But then again with "masterpieces" and "artists" (and yes, that was sarcasm) like Rihanna and her fellow singers, I shouldn't be surprised.

I mean, just take that first hit of hers, Umbrella. Back when it first came out it was pouring from every single place you stayed at. To quote someone anonymous: "Umbrella was like having my eyes pulled out through my belly button. Every time I heard that "ella, ella, ella" whether sang by hideously over made up teenagers or through the tinny speakers of a phone, I wanted to kill someone." And quite frankly since that stupid song I came to the conclusion that she (or her song writers) are either too stupid to put together two words, either her fans are too shallow to understand a song that doesn't have the same nonsense word repeated over and over again.

You know, sometimes I think about what someone not of this word would see when confronted with us, and quite frankly I wouldn't be surprised if they would look at us as if we were not better than a monkey.

I'm actually starting to see that the good old laws of thermodynamics really mean. There are too many people on the world and not enough intelligence for everyone to have a decent portion of it. And suddenly I think I understand what my grandfather meant when he said "you were late in the line when God doled out the brains".