...am excited about is the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

It's usually a family pastime to watch it every year - both semi finals and of course the final.

That's almost a whole week spent in the front of the television - and a fairly entertaining week at that (cause day usually screams at the T.V whenever the one who he likes doesn't win... It's almost like football).

Anyways, I thought that these next few days we could take a look at the contestants this year.

And I'm saying the next few days, because there are too many for me to be able to post them all in one go - and of course this will give me something to write about for more than a day.

So without any further ado, let's begin!

The first semi final will be held on the 22nd this month, and it has 18 contestants... and so does the second semi final. Also, there are 6 more countries who are already in the finals without having to go trough the semi finals, so that makes 42 countries.

I thought it would be good to part them up in 3 groups- so that'll bring us to have 14 singers and bands to talk about each day.

First off... Montenegro!
Their contestant is Rambo Amadeus with the song called Euro Neuro. Now I was a little skeptic as soon as I heard the band name, but what the hell - I listened to their song anyway. And let me tell you, it made me laugh hysterically. I'm not exactly sure how this made it into a contest like this. It's bad, so bad in fact it's almost good. Here, take a look:

Iceland is the second contestant, and the people who entered it are called Greta Salóme & Jónsi. They entered with a song called Never Forget, and let me tell you this is already one of my favorite songs that was ever entered into the ESC. But then again Iceland usually enters it with more or less decent songs every single time, so that shouldn't be a surprise. Till now I'm actually hoping this one will win (I'm listening to the songs as I go along writing this blog post, so they are as much of a surprise to me than it is to you).

Greece came with Eleftheria Eleftheriu- Aphrodisiac. This song reminds me of the times I was a kid- those one time hits I used to love. It's kinda energetic, but that's all the good thing I could say about it. Yes, I'm pretty sure Greece will make it to the finals, but I'm hoping this won't win it.

Latvia made it into my heart back in 2006 with their song "We are the winners" (But then again 2006 was my all time favorite edition of Eurovision - it was the year when Lordi won). Anyway, this year they came up with something a lot crappier than that old song: Anmary- Beautiful song. It's nothing to write home about, but I guess I heard worse things in my life.

Albania came with a song that I'm hoping won't make me fall asleep. Rona Nishliu is the singer, and her song is called Suus. I have absolutely no idea what the song is about, but it involves a lot of screaming. The singer has a pretty good voice though, so I guess I can safely say that we will see them in the finals.

All right... Romania. I'm usually pretty hard on Romania because the lines are set pretty high by System - one of the bands that made it to the top 3. I think Romania could offer a lot, but for some reason people who tend to vote on who will go to Eurovision don't have a pretty good taste in music. This year it's Mandinga with Zaleilah, one of those summer hits I guess, that will play over and over in the radios all over the country till you are so sick with it you will want to commit suicide. Go Romania!

Switzerland comes with a pretty decent song this year also: Sinplus- Unbreakable. I think this song is good enough to make it to my playlist this year. The lyrics are kinda overdone in music history, but for some reason it works for me. It's simple and catchy - just the thing you need on a slow day.

Belgium has another boring song. You know the ones that as soon as the first notes start to play you instantly focus on something else. It doesn't do anything in my opinion. It's not bad, but as I said, I would rather listen to other things. I actually didn't even have the mood to listen to the lyrics very well - the music was enough for me to get into a half asleep state. Which I'm pretty sure was the thing they wanted.

Finland! One of my favorite countries on this contest, cause they are the ones you can almost always rely on to have something decent every year. Finland usually has talented singers and the people who vote on the participants have the same taste in music as I do. Pernilla Karlsson - Nar jag blundar is one of those songs you will probably not understand, but you'll hum along with it anyways. It's a really nice song and I wish I would know the language just so I could sing it from start to end.

Israel came with Izabo and Time (Although I still don't understand why Israel is in a European Song Contest). I'm actually hoping this song won't make it to the finals, cause I can't even call this a song. It sounds like they threw a hundred cats into a closed off room and drenched them in water.

San Marino draws a new low for this contest with Valentina Monetta singing the Social Network Song. The first thing that came to mind when I heard this was WHAT THE FUCK? This is worse than the previous one (congratulations!), it's not even singing, it's a bunch of stupid auto tune mobile phones synced together. This song sucks so hard I wouldn't be surprised if she won just to spite me. The thing is, when I hear these I kinda think about how horrible the other contestants could have been in that country if this one won out.

Cyprus in my opinion will make it into the finals only on the ground of the hotness of the singer. Ivi Adamou came with the song La La Love, a song that reminds me eerily of Rihanna - that is a catchy song without any brains put into it. I think a five years old could write a song like this, but quite frankly I'm pretty sure this one will be also one of those overplayed songs around the world.

Denmark's contestant is Soluna Samay with the song Should've Known Better. For some strange reason I couldn't find a better video of it, so you'll have to make due with this. If you want to skip over the talking part, the song starts at 1:00. Anyways, I kinda like this song - it's pretty simple and the rhythm is kinda unique. It also has a couple of interesting twists in it- ones that remind me of another song I don't know the name or the singer of. Let's see if someone could point me to it.

And now for the last one for today we have Russia with Buranovskiye Babushki - Party For Everybody. I think I mentioned this one before if not here, than on my Facebook page. This song is this year's "We are the winners". It's surprising, it's funny and it's actually really catchy. Russia is freaking awesome.