.. am going to continue is the ESC list.

So here's part 2!

We left off at the Russians, and now it's time to visit Hungary. This one is a little interesting to me because this year we managed to catch the Hungarian try-outs in the TV for the first time ever.
Since last year Wolf Kati didn't win shit even though she was clearly one of the best we were a bit anxious about who will represent Hungary this year. And I think this band comes pretty close to her song. I'm just hoping this year it won't be such a fucked up voting as it was last year when all the Serbian countries voted on each other.

Austria comes with Trackshittaz - Woki Mit Deim Popo. I pretty much hate this kind of music and when I heard it all I wanted to do was to kick someone's face in. I also looked down at the comment section and apparently most of YouTube agrees with me. I mean what the fuck? I hope you don't get in! Though considering what was in the top 3 last year I would be surprised if they didn't make it into the finals.

Moldova is one of the other countries I usually don't like because as Romania did in the past they always come with something rustic - and while Romania stopped doing that Moldova didn't. The thing is Europe loves them - probably because they aren't surrounded by freaking "manele" every day. I still think they suck and I'm 100% that they will make it into the top list this year - because as soon as I looked at the comment section I saw that Spain and Italy and all freaking Serbian countries are in love with it. And this shows how fair the contest is - get your countrymen outside the borders and watch as they all vote for you. (I bet that if there would be a gypsy country they would win every freaking year)

Ireland comes again with freaking Jedward, the ones that last year sang Lipstick. That song was stupid and I hated every single moment of it. I'm putting them somewhere between Tokio Shitel and Justin the biever. stupid little boy bands without talent and with a huge amount of screeching into the microphone due to their barely maturing voices. And this is the last one from the first semi-final. Thank god that there are a bunch of good ones cause these last few were a piece of crap.

The second semi-final will debut with Serbia and Željko ♡ Joksimović - Nije ljubav stvar. I'm not sure what to say about this except that the beginning of it is really good - and that it doesn't get worse at all. It's almost like Wolf Kati's song from last year - and I'm only saying this because the video I'm embedding has its English lyrics in the description box on YouTube.

F.Y.R. Macedonia comes with Kaliopi - Crno i Belo. Macedonia usually comes with shit music but this time it isn't such a big let down. It's an OK song - though I'M not going to add it to my playlist, I heard worse. Also as I looked down on the comment section I saw that just as here in Romania (vs. Hungarians), there are problems with Macedonians too. Hmm, I guess politics and history did fuck up all of our lives didn't it?

The Netherlands is a pretty good country - I have a couple of friends there, so Kudos! The singer this time reminds me of Cher, the 70's and a bunch of hipsters. I'm actually amazed that they couldn't come up with something better - this song would be considered good by 5 year olds in my opinion, but then again what should we expect from a bunch of hipsters?

Next on the line is Malta with Kurt Calleja - This is the night. I don't know where or when but I could swear I heard and saw this music video before. Anyways, this one is a typical Eurovision song- light hearted and catchy. Just like a million others before it. I would use this song as a filler in the show - it's nothing to write home about but it's not bad enough for it to warrant any attention either.

Belarus comes with a bunch of pretty boys called Litesound who sings We Are The Heroes. I don't really have much to say about this song besides the fact that the song is pretty good, but I'm not really in love with the singer. I think they could've chosen a better voice to sing this one, but what can you do? Apparently looks are everything.

Portugal came with something that was pretty much expected from it. Filipa Sousa - Vida Minha is a song that would be good as a background noise in a restaurant in my opinion. I could digest my food pretty good on this one.

Ukraine has probably one of the best songs on this second semi-final. Their song is finally something refreshing, just the thing for a hot summer night party in the open. There's not much singing done in there but it works for me. It would be a shame if she wouldn't get into the top 5.

Bulgaria this year comes with a night club song: Sofi Marinova - Love Unlimited. I can already picture millions of teenagers and young adults writhe on the dance floor to this song. What I also have to add is that the singer lacks the charm and charisma that's needed in this contest - that is, there's not enough show during this song.

So the next one is Slovenia. Eva Boto - Verjamem in my opinion is just good enough to be included into a role-playing game as background music. I actually looked up the English lyrics to it and quite frankly I wasn't too far off when I said that. It kinda reminds me of Dragon Age: Origins which is awesome. The singer is also pretty and has a nice voice so I can't say anything really bad about it.

And the last one for today is Croatia, with Nina Badrić - Nebo. This one is also a song I have no understanding of - and the sad part is, it's not good enough for me to want to look up it's English translation. It's missing something... you know that Je ne sais quoi. Ah well I guess not everything can be perfect.

Tomorrow it's the last 14 participants - 8 that remains from this second semi-final (I hope they will be better than these) and 6 that are already in the finals. So come back again!