...am going to have to continue, is the posts about the Hungarian City Days.

In case you were wondering when will it be over, it will last till Monday evening, and it will go out with a big BANG. Literally.

But till then we still have a few days to go, and a few great days at that too, because it's finally the weekend. Which means, of course, that I will finally be able to sleep in and relax until the next party begins.

Anyways, remember the videos from yesterday? Here are two pics I found on the Facebook page of the event... look at all the people! (it's amazing how many Hungarians attended the Edda concert in our "little" city.

And this was only at the beginning!

Today we have the Neoton Familia getting us in the weekend mood. And for some strange reason I love them almost as much as I love Edda.

The Neoton Famila is also known by the name of Newton Family for the English speakers - they released a couple of albums by this name, so some of you might even know them.

They have a whole bunch of hit songs that usually can't miss from a good old-fashioned house-party, so most of the people from my age up should probably know them.

Here are a couple of old videos about some of these songs:

So by now, I guess you get the picture. It's retro party day today, which is just the thing I needed after all the rock.

Well, that's what I thought, anyways.

The whole concert didn't start out as I imagined it would. In the first half an hour I almost imagined that I was hearing a beached whale - but thankfully it got better. They also managed to sneak in a couple of really well known songs, and in the end I think they sang every single song I actually wanted to hear.

But by this point I really didn't enjoy it at all - probably because as I said, this week was exhausting, and I'm just about ready to sleep trough the next few days.

But anyways, the performance was all right in the end - I guess, that's what matters for most of the young people, who are just about to start their evening.

I'm going to post a couple of videos for you guys now, till I run off to eat something and get ready for bed.