...have to tell you guys, that the fun is only now starting.

Today we had the fortune of seeing Baricz Gergő and Edda on stage, two pretty damn good shows if you ask me.

Baricz Gergő is one of the young talents those pesky talent shows chewed up and then threw back out. He won the third place on the Hungarian X-Faktor in 2011. He was mentored by Keresztes Ildikó, who is a pretty good singer herself - and both of them lived in Romania before they managed to become famous.

Check him out here, singing a Leonard Cohen cover.

The second concert we attended was Edda - one of the best freaking bands ever.

Edda is a Hungarian rock band - yes, even better than the previous Hooligans. The basic band started up in 1973 by the name of Griff, and in the next year they turned into the so well-known and loved Edda. (This was the year when Pataky joined the band as their singer, so this is pretty much the beginning)

Almost every single album of theirs is a golden one.

I wish I had enough memory in my phone to just record the whole concert, because IT. WAS. AWESOME.

But before I show you guys what I did manage to capture, let's enjoy a better version of them...

This last one is dedicated to my old high school classmates - for the old times' sake. (I wish we could be still partying together)

Now... this concert was what I call EPIC. It had everything a concert needs - I just wish that I wasn't up all day and my feet didn't try to kill me right now.

I also managed to somehow stumble into a pair of 'lovebirds' that I guess either had some heavy stuff for drinking either, they had real anger management problems - and thankfully the whole thing didn't turn into a fight. I guess I'm a reasonable person and they should thank me for not losing my shit right there and then. (If you want to know what happened: I was trying to get to my parents in the mob and the girl didn't want to let me trough peacefully. She literally tried to force me off of my track, so when I kept walking without telling them to go fuck themselves, the guy gave me a nice little back-rub. Thanks for that, by the way. I hope you guys end up in jail some time soon. Assholes.)

Anyways, I'm not going to screw around with your head anymore. Here is what the day gave us.

First off, I didn't mention this earlier, but before the Baricz concert, some pretty ladies gave us a short little presentation of Renaissance dancing. It really wasn't a huge show, but it was enough for the little ones to get an idea. And at the end of it they even gave everyone permission to join them, so a few children and youngsters did just that. It was kinda nice, all in all. Check it out:

After that was done, we had to wait just a bit till mister big star finally managed to show up, but in the end it was worth the wait, cause we managed to get some really good spot in the front where I got you guys some footage.

Anyways, these will be a lot better than the ones I made at the Edda concert, but what the hell... Enjoy.

And this is pretty much it from the guy. I will probably get some more pics and videos from my friends who were enjoying it just as much as I did, so if you want more check out my FB :)

So now, let's get down to EDDA! Also, that retard you can hear bellowing the song... it's me. Just so you know ;)

So, guys, what do you all think about this? Is it worth visiting our city? Will you be joining in the fun next year?