...told you guys yesterday was that today we were free.

So we took the opportunity to go up the tower of the Saint Michael Church in the city's center.

The whole things was much worse than I remembered it, I swear. First off, when we finally got there the organizers told us that there weren't any groups available today, and that we should come back in the afternoon in the hopes that the priests or whoever is in charge will let us in.

Thankfully mom insisted that we remain put in front of the doors for another half an hour to see what will happen, because - I guess - the poor organizers got enough of us spouting enraged comments at them about the lack of good organization and the stupidity of the human kind in general. (Sorry for that, by the way, but I still think that this all could have been avoided if they made up a list in general with people who want to visit...)

Anyways, as I was saying, the walk up to the tower was pretty exhausting. When I got to the top I just had to sit around for about five minutes cause I was feeling dizzy, and none of us thought about bringing some water with us either.

Of course it probably didn't help the fact that I was already overheated from the long sleeved blouse and the pair of jeans I was wearing - because, apparently it was freezing outside (freezing my ass). I won't mention any other factors cause I will probably bore you to hell with them - suffice is to say that I'm also not in the best shape :D.

Anyway, I was just about ready to kick the dust right there when we realized that we were finally at the top, so I quit over dramatizing my life and started looking around.

Now, the tower is not exactly in the best shape, and I'm not even sure if this is good or bad. It does have that little charm of suddenly finding yourself in a whole new world where you don't mind grabbing onto bird poop (I think I wouldn't even minded placing my hands in elephant shit if it would have meant that I could feel safer up there).

The place IS pretty narrow, guys. The balcony that runs around the tower has also some places where you will most definitely need to shimmy close to the wall. But the whole city is beautiful from there, even if looking down makes you want to kill yourself just to not prolong the suffering.

We also had the (mis)fortune to get up to the top exactly at the moment when the bells started ringing. Well, actually, it was only one bell, and a little one too - but add the fact that we were standing right around it, and that my heart was still running from the walk up those narrow stairs, I nearly had a heart-attack.

I absolutely can't imagine how the big bells would sound if that little thing could make such a big sound. Though, we would probably not have heads by now if those would have been the ones that would have started up.

Anyways, when we finally got down from there I could have kissed the ground under my feet - if I weren't sure that bending down would probably leave me there where I stood.

I can't even describe the feeling I had in my legs, arms and generally in my body that I managed to survive this.

But I did it, and even with all this it was pretty much worth it.

And even though at the time I swore that I won't repeat this again, I'm actually hoping I will be able to come back next year with a better camera to capture some more pics.

Maybe in a few years these pics will be the testament of how the city changed over time.

Anyways, guys, here are some pictures I made for you. Enjoy!