...have to tell you guys, is that today I'm gonna sit back and enjoy a few computer games.

But before that I'm going to show you guys what kind of concerts there will be today. You know, just to be sure you have something to read about.
Well, today is the day when Presser Gábor and Rúzsa Magdi will attempt to make a good show of it.

Though because I'm not exactly a big fan of either of them, and because my body is already protesting all this partying via a mild throat ache, I'm only going to share you guys a couple of words about them, and maybe some of their video clips.

Presser is a pretty well known singer - he was a part of a few famous Hungarian bands, like Omega and Locomotiv GT, but since then he continued on with entertaining the mass. He has a pretty interesting voice all in all, but not what something you would listen to at a party. Check him out:

And then there is Rúzsa Magdi. She was the winner of the third edition of the Hungarian Megastar. She was also one of the singers who represented Hungary on the Eurovision Song Contest, back in 2007. With this song:

And here is a video about them singing together at a similar -bot not today's, mind you - concert.

So what do you think about all of this? You know, besides the part that both of them have unique voices...