...realized that I never ever wrote about Méra.

Which is pretty weird, considering that we have a "house" there, that we sometimes visit on the weekends.

This happened today too, since my family decided it would be good to fry some eggplants. You know, for winter and all.

So we also decided to bring along a couple of other stuff too and make a barbecue party. Redneck style. Here's how our day went...

This is where we have our place. It's not exactly IN the village - the actual village is not too far from it, just around the corner and all over the hill's other side. But this little branch of it is still a part of the whole thing.

Anyways, as you can see there is a hill on one side and a little brook on the other side. Just the right place to have the best of both worlds, I guess.

I took a few pics of the stuff we have round there, but this is not everything. The thing is, every year we have different kind of fruits around there - like last year we had an abundance of peaches and quince. Apparently, this year it was time for the apples to bloom.

So we kinda put together the stuff we could find (that green plant I'm holding is wild mint, for those who don't know), and lit some fire.

Everything that's good and tasty :)

And while we waited for the food to get ready:

Anyways, we had a pretty relaxing day all in all - even though we missed today's shows and parties in the city, we still didn't get bored. Fresh air, good food, warm weather... and, of course, silence was just what we needed.

So what did you guys do today?