...am sad to say, is that today is the last day of the Hungarian City Days.

And because today it's also the 20th, I think we will all have a blast of it.

St. Stephen's Day for us is a national holiday. For you Americans out there, it's basically like your 4th of July.

Here's how Budapest celebrates it: festivities start in the morning with the raising of the Hungarian flag in Kossuth tér and continue on all day long, culminating in a spectacular fireworks display over the Danube. The main events include the procession of St. Stephen's Holy Right Hand around the Basilica, the Court of St Stephen, a historical playhouse, archery shows, a water parade and an air show along the embankments of the river Danube.

Here in Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), we will celebrate it by watching a rock-musical in open air at the city's center - which is a pretty neat thing, considering that my favorite thing to watch on this day is István, a király (Stephen, the king). Though today it will be Zrínyi we shall be watching, I'm still in stitches about it.

And after that we shall have fireworks too.

Which will be awesome, since the only fireworks I could watch on this day the one in Hungary, and that was only trough the TV (and last year it sucked balls).


Aaaaannnnd we are back at home.

And it was awesome. And amazing. And I'm happy that I didn't pass on it.

Because, yes, I had a moment of doubt about attending it alone. And the funny thing is, in the end every single person who said they wouldn't come, turned up. Good fortune, that.

Anyways, guys, I'mg going to leave you with what I filmed. Enjoy!