...am going to do today is to show you guys something new.

One of my friends, Imola (you probably know her already from my older posts), has a pretty nice talent in painting.
Well, not just painting, but every other thing that goes along with it - drawing and coloring and whatever else you might think up that has anything to do with this kind of thing.

I had the fortune of waiting today a little bit before posting anything, and I think it was a great choice because Imola just asked me if I had any idea how she could make some money with what she was doing.

I proposed to help her out with a couple of ideas, and so now we are here.

Let me show you a couple of pictures she made...

And here is another one - already in use:

As you can see she prefers to paint abstracts mostly, and each and every one of these is actually dedicated to one person.

Imola likes to paint her momentary feelings about different people she met in her life. She never painted for money before, but she decided that it would be great if people would donate something from now on if they want something special and unique.

Now, if someone is interested in this, Imola is always up for a newer challenge. The pictures you see here are not for sale, but she will paint something for you. So, basically if you guys want to know more about these, feel free to contact me, and I will make the connection between you guys and the artist.

Then you can tell Imola how you imagined what you want - color range, size of the paintings, materials, and of course payment and delivery - and as soon as she is ready, and you guys agree on everything, you can get your hands on something like this.

Also, guys, if you want to try directly for the artist without talking first to me, you can always try to contact her at szekelyimola@yahoo.com. (My e-mail you will find in the 'About me' tab)

I hope this will work out for everyone - both for any potential clients and for Imola too.

I know that I will definitely try to get a hold on a picture like this. What about you guys?