...watched yesterday were a couple of interesting psychology experiments.

And since I found them pretty interesting, I thought that it would be nice to share what I learned.

Let us start off with something that isn't exactly psychological - but I did start out at this topic, and I thought it was pretty interesting. I'm talking about Inattentional Blindness and Change Blindness.

Now, as I said, these aren't really about psychology. Both of these things are similar, but not exactly one and the same.

Inattentional Blindness is when you fail to notice something that is in plain sight, while Change Blindness is when you fail to notice something that changed right in front of your eyes.

Here's a demonstration on inattentional blindness:
Yeah, I'm one of those 50% who didn't notice the changes - even when the gorilla was obvious (because I already knew the original experiment, and I was actually expecting it to show up).

Here's a change blindness video:
Now, this explains everything pretty well, so I guess I shouldn't bore you guys with it again.

Now, let's go forward. Have you ever heard about the Bystander Effect?

It's basically when a single person will not get involved in an emergency situation, when other people are around. This means that the more people are around you the least likely it will be that you will get any help. Here, watch this little video about it:
This is kinda sad, but I guess it is understandable. We are still instinctual beings, and our instincts will always foremost tell us to survive. Getting involved in things that you don't have to get involved in is probably not something your instincts will like.

Here's another one for your enjoyment: Asch Conformity Experiment.

This experiment is basically about how much you want to fit in, and how almost everyone will think that the people around them usually know a lot more than they do.

If you liked that video, check out this next one for a little harmless fun:

And I left the best for the last. Here's a problem you should try to think about:

A woman went to the funeral of her mother. Here she met the man of her dreams, but she didn't get his number, so she didn't know how to contact him after that. A few days later her sister was murdered. Who did it, and why?

The answer is- she killed her, because she hoped that the guy will turn up at the funeral. If you didn't know this answer, you are probably a mentally stable, healthy person. If you guessed it you should probably get some help - this question is a test to see how well someone can get into the mind of a criminal.

Most of the murderers who were tested, answered correctly to this question. How well did you do?