...got yesterday, is an e-mail.

But why am I sharing this with you guys, you might ask. Well... in this e-mail someone asked me if I could perhaps link to his blogpost. I went over the post, and I think it is good enough for everyone to see, so here it is.
For those who are wondering what it is about - afraid to click on it before knowing what it is -, it's a list about epic movies that take place in a single day (or night). So go, check it out, and leave a comment either here or on the other site.

And since we are into movies already today, I thought I will make a list of this kind too. Only today I will show you guys my favorite movies that star animals. And no, I won't post any cartoons today either.

1. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993)
I did say no cartoons, but I never said no Disney. This little movie is one of my favorite movies from my childhood, and I would still watch it now. This movie has every element a good family movie should have: it has lighthearted humor, it has some real emotional scenes, it has talking animals, each with their own personality, and it stays classy and original all throughout the movie. If you haven't seen it yet, you should head out right now and watch it. And so you can get a glimpse of it, here's a short little trailer:

2. Paulie (1998)
Another Disney classic about a lost little pet. This time, though, it is a parrot that's the main character. A parrot that can also talk... and sing, and dance. Paulie is also pretty cheeky, and he always manages to talk himself into trouble while he tries to find his way back to his human - a 'little' girl. This is again one of those movies that can be watched by both kids and adults- without it seeming too immature. Check out the trailer:

3. Snow Dogs (2002)
All right, so Disney is probably the best thing that happened to animal movies. Snow Dogs might not be quite a classic, but I still love the humor in it. It is about a guy who inherits a house in Alaska - and with the house a bunch of sled dogs. He will have to learn to use them too, because if he doesn't he will lose everything to someone else. Here's the trailer:

4. Beethoven (1992)
All right, I think everyone knows this one. Beethoven is probably one of the most iconic animals in the movie industry, and it has a good reason for this. He is an adorable St. Bernard dog, who gets into trouble almost non-stop, but somehow always seems to come out of it as the winner.

5. Buddy (1997)
This movie is probably the best one out there that stars a gorilla. It's such a beautiful movie, you will want to check back to it time and time again, when you feel a little down. The story is pretty simple: an eccentric woman decides to raise a gorilla as her "son". The best part of it? The movie is based on a true story.

6. Cujo (1983)
Sooo... who read the book? Well, I did, and although it wasn't as frightening as some other books by Stephen King, I think it is still pretty iconic. The book is much better than the movie, because it carries a wholly different message and meaning. A fun fact to this movie is that King likes the end of it better than the ending to his own book (so in case you haven't read the book yet I won't ruin it for you). I might agree to this to a degree, because reading stuff like this in a book will probably get you into a whole different mood than watching it on screen. But, anyways, Cujo is a pretty good movie, all in all. It is scary, but in a good way. (Does this make any sense?)

7. Eight Legged Freaks (2002)
I think this movie is very underrated, considering how fun it is. For those who are afraid of spiders this movie will probably not be a problem to watch, since it's actually a parody of horror movies. And it is hilarious, in my opinion. Just... go and watch it...