...am going to hold today is an "Isn't that obvious?" day.

I've been writing an article about some movies, and for some strange reason stumbled upon a weird "How To" video.

It amused me that someone would actually make things like this, so purely for the entertainment value, I'm going to show you guys a couple of them.

Let's see what we learned today.

1. How to slice watermelons

In case you could never really understand how your parents managed to slice up a piece of watermelon, here's the tutorial. Be sure, though, that before you watch this one you ask your mommy to peal the watermelon for you. If she doesn't know how to - just search around the related videos, there's sure to be a tutorial for that one too.

2. How to cube a watermelon

Now, let us just take that first step a little further and learn how to make little cubes out of the slices we already have. Be warned though, this is a pretty hard thing to learn, so don't get frustrated if your watermelon cubes turn into cuboids instead of cubes. 

3. How to cube pineapples

If you managed to cube your watermelon, it's now time to learn how to do the same thing with a different fruit. In case you were wondering, you should really, really watch this, because the whole procedure is different. 

4. How to slice garlic

All right, boys and girls, let's place the fruits on a side and learn the proper way of slicing up garlic. You'll thank me for showing these videos to you, I'm sure of it. 

5. How to slice star fruits!

All right, bitches, in case you were wondering, when you slice up a star-shaped fruit, it will result in star-shaped slices. The nice lady here will demonstrate it to you. 

6. How to cut a watermelon

In case the lady didn't make any sense while you tried to follow her instructions, here's a chef explaining it to you. Be sure that you listen to him, because he finished a whole school to learn this. 

And for the last video of the day... here's all the things you can do with a lemon. 

Did it manage to make your mouth water a little bit? Yeah? Then go out and put what you just learned to work.