...want to show you guys are a couple of dog breeds.

You know by now that I'm not too fond of cats - and I even have some weird tastes in dogs too. If I would have to chose I would, of course, go with dogs in ANY situation - but faced with a choice between, for example, a Chihuahua or nothing- I would prefer a big fucking nothing.

I'm not saying that a miniature, bald rat wouldn't grow on me with time, but I prefer my dogs nice and sturdy.

That said, here are a couple of dog breeds that you might or might not know yet. I hope I can show you something new today...

1. Catahoula Leopard

This dog breed seems to have descended from Nordic wolfhounds, and it is apparently from Louisiana.

And since it's from that part of the world, it is appropriately  used mostly for herding - and sometimes even hunting.

They are very, very loyal, so don't be surprised if they become a little bit overprotective of you, if you decide to have them as a pet.

Since they are mostly used for herding, they are also a little bit aggressive and full of energy - thus

it's not really recommended for a novice person to get this one as a pet.

When it comes to playtime, you should know that this breed is a little bit rough, so you must make him know where his boundaries are.

They also require a pretty big yard, so if you live in an apartment it's probably not the best possible thing for them.

2. Kooikerhondje

This dog breed is a dutch one - as you might have guessed from the name. They were originally bred to lure ducks into traps, and in quite an interesting way too.

You see, the ducks are usually really interested by the dog's fluffy tail, and thus, it can lure them in slowly into a pipe-looking thing. Once the ducks lose interest and turn back towards the way they came from, they would find

themselves trapped by the hunters.
Quite an interesting trick, don't you think?

They can live in an apartment if you take them out for a walk or two regularly, but they will also need to be taught to be obedient, because they are quite a curious breed, and tend to zero in on whatever catches their fancy, ignoring everything else.

They are also really, really affectionate.

3. Xoloitzcuintli

Speaking of fugly Chihuahuas. Surprise, surprise, this dog breed comes from Mexico.

Some people think that this dog breed is vegetarian - which is actually only a myth, even though they DO it vegetables.

Just like the leopard, this particular breed will require everyone in your household to lead him, otherwise it will take matters in its paws and do whatever the fuck it wants.

They are very energetic, and need a lot of exercise, but they are also highly intelligent, and will really fast everything you try to teach them.

They tend to be quiet, and they will prefer to stay under your feet wherever you may go, so in case they give off some warning signs, you should listen to them.

Although it does have a hairy variant, people seem to prefer the hairless ones, because they are a lot cleaner, and require less work. These variants are also good for those who suffer from allergies.

4. Azawakh

This particular dog breed comes from the Sahel region, which you can find in Africa, in case you go searching.

The Azawakh were bread for hunting and guarding, but also for some plain and simple companionship throughout the ages.

Azawakh PuppyBecause of their looks they seem to be appreciated by those who like elegant animals.

They are really quick and attentive, and since they were bred for hunting, they will always be reserved when faced with strangers.

They require you to be their pack leader, so be sure to show them who's the boss.

They don't need constant exercise, so if you take care that they get just enough time outside, you can keep them in your apartment.

You need to be careful, though, they don't tolerate very low temperatures too well, since their coat is almost nonexistent.

5. Cesky Terrier

We all know terriers by now, but have you heard of this kind before?

As you might have guessed this breed was made by a Czechoslovakian guy, who probably crossed Sealyhams, Scottish Terriers and Dandie Dinmmonts.

It was bread with the thought of having a dog able to get down in dens and burrows, so it

would be able to catch foxes.

They seem to be particularly rare in the U.S too - apparently there are only about 150 of them in all of the U.S.A.

They are patient, calm and playful, and they enjoy the indoors.

They are really sociable too, and very good with children, so if you want to get a dog for your family, this one would be a pretty good choice.

So what do you think about these breeds? Do you like them? Do you hate them? Would you like any of these as a pet?