...thought we should take examples of are a few criminals.

Yes, you read that right. Today we shall learn, that even when it comes to real douche-baggy behavior, it DOES matter how intelligent you are.

All right, without any further ado, here are the world's dumbest criminals, all for your entertainment.

1. Christopher Allen Koch

When you are about to rob a bank, be sure that you actually know when the said bank is open and closed.

Apparently, Mr. Koch here decided that he wanted to try his luck at getting some easy money, but sadly he forgot this rule. He showed up at the bank's door wearing a ski mask and weaving a gun about.

He also managed to get there at just the time the doors were closed, so there were still people milling about in there - who easily observed him, and then called the police.

I'm guessing the police didn't have any problems finding the guy...

2. Peter Addison

That picture you see is actually real. The 18 year old boy vandalized a whole building, and then - probably out of spite- he also wrote his own name on the wall.

When the guy was caught, he immediately admitted that he was a burglar, so there was, once again, no problem with.

3. Some random criminal...

I couldn't find out the name of this guy (it's not the guy in the pic), but apparently he did one hell of a  job of his robbery, when he went inside a shop, and just as the clerk emptied the cash-register, he spotted a bottle of scotch.

The guy, classy as he was, demanded the clerk to add the drink to the bag, but the clerk refused because he didn't believe the criminal was 21.

The criminal, dumb as he was, pulled out his driver's license and showed it to the clerk, who - of course - got both his name and his address from it, before the guy escaped with the bag of money.

It took about two hours for the police to find him.

4. Daniel Glen

Mr. Glen here is one of those people you probably wouldn't want to make a conversation with, in fear that he would actually lower your IQ.

He also wanted to get some money by robbing a small store, but he really wasn't sure if that said store was worth the hassle or not. Thus, he decided that he would call the store, and ask the clerk how much cash was in the machine.

Can you get any dumber than this? Apparently, yes...

5. Unidentified

In this episode of CSI...Two car thieves are chased by the police.

The guys, attempting to escape the law quickly climbed a wall, only to find themselves in a prison.

That's right, boys and girls, they actually broke into a prison. Isn't it ironic?

+1. Unidentified

Although this guy's name isn't known either, we know one thing: he was from Iran.

He actually went to visit a wizard, and paid him 450 dollars to make him invisible. Apparently the wizard did such a good job of it, that the guy then walked inside a bank, and calmly grabbed the money off of random citizens.

Dear god, do these people even know how to use their brains?