finally watched today is The Hobbit.

And let me just tell you, that after the Game of Thrones I will be sure to read the book.

I know, it sounds a little bit bad that I've never actually read any of Tolkien's books, but even though if LOTR was pretty awesome, it still lacked something. Something that The Hobbit somehow HAD. At least for me.

The answer to this is probably the dwarves. 

They stole the show. 

I enjoyed this a lot more than LOTR probably also because it seemed to me it had a lot more action-adventure in it, and quite a bunch of silly jokes that made it all the more worthwhile. 

Gandalf, tho, I have to admit was pretty boring in this one. 

While in the last I liked him a lot, in this one he just seemed to me like a whiny little teenager, always stomping off when he doesn't get what he wants. Sure, I can agree that he knows what he's doing, but still. 

And I also have to tell you guys that in this one I actually liked Bilbo. While in LOTR the hobbits annoyed me to no end - especially Sam and Frodo -, Bilbo in this one was kind of cool. It was probably because he wasn't exactly the main character (so maybe he was, but the others were about as much on screen as him). 

The storyline is also hugely different while at the same time it has quite a few elements that I was already used to from the LOTR movies. This means that it manages to bring the whole saga to a closure with also filling out some questions you might have had (not all, tho, since I'm still not sure why there are only five wizards in total, and how do they get their power anyway? I hope the books will answer me this one). 

All in all, it's a pretty well rounded movie - as far as someone who never read the book can say this. 

It managed to transport me inside this fantasy world- which means a whole lot, when it comes to this kind of movie. It almost made me squeal whenever I recognized someone or something from the other story, like a stupid little fangirl, and all throughout the movie I kept thinking about the few fantasy role playing games I've been a part of for at least a short time (actually trying to give every character a job or a class. Am I a nerd or what?). 

So what's the deal with the different races in this vs LOTR? 

As I already said, the hobbits in this one were a lot less annoying than in LOTR. Not sure why, though, it must have been that there weren't as many of them. 

The elves managed to once again make me want to throttle someone, though. In LOTR Legolas was kind of cool (though not my favorite), and he managed to somehow distract me from the fact that the elves are mostly just some pompous assholes. 

I have to also admit that since I have a little fangirl stuff going on when it comes to -for instance- Dragon Age, I've been starting to kind of hate elves also (In Dragon Age they actually remind me of wondering gypsies). 

But back to the Hobbit. 

Until now we had a lack of humans in this one, which for some reason doesn't at all bother me. (Unless Gandalf is a human? Is he? Or are wizards like another race or something? Damn it, I'm making a fool of myself, I really have to read the books)

The Orcs were actually also kind of cool in this one - they didn't look like dirty, half-eaten zombies like they seemed to me in LOTR. The trolls were also awesome (they once again reminded me of Dungeons and Dragons sieges) - I really don't remember ever seeing a movie where a troll would actually talk. Sure they are pretty idiotic in this one too, but not quite the retarded cavemen, who can only communicate with grunts. 

And the great goblin was awesome! He was creepy and ugly and stupid, but quite a badass - even though his death was hilarious. 

The music was awesome - I actually caught myself mumbling the Misty Mountains song while the dwarves were singing it, but then again I was waiting for that scene for quite some time now. 

Oh, and besides the fact that quite a big part of the movie was in dark places (mostly under the mountains), I think they did a pretty awesome job of keeping it varied and interesting. I actually said to Ágota that I wish I could visit those places just to walk around and enjoy the scenery. 

Yeah, that means also the Dwarven cities. 

Ooooh, which makes me wonder what Smaug looks like. We got a few glimpses of him, but I really can't wait for the second part of the movie to come out so I would see more of him. 

So yeah, I would give this one a huge applause, and the biggest rating a movie could get. I do hope it will win a few awards.

And now, I'm off to slaughter a few magical beats of my own.