...had to do today was to wake up early.

I know that 7 in the morning isn't early for most of you, but since I usually get up at around 10-11 after sleeping for about 6-7 hours (I usually go to sleep sometime around 2 or 3).
I actually didn't have any problem with waking up -, but I know that a whole bunch of people aren't exactly morning persons, so I decided to once again make up a list, this time with a bunch of songs that are good enough to ease the shock of having to start a new day.

Let's start off with Coldplay!

I like them because they are once of those rare guys who can actually come up with more than one good song. 

And for those who don't mind the sound of water flowing, here's Don't Panic. 

I think the video is pretty weird, but otherwise the song is awesome... in that peaceful, chill way. 

And do you know which band I also like? Yes, that would be Linkin Park. 

Also, for those who are more into old classics, I thought that The Beatles will be a good enough choice, with "Here Comes The Sun". 

Also, for Doctor Who fans, here's a song that should be a MUST. 

I'm also kinda into New Age music, which means I absolutely love Era, Enya, Deep Forest, and yes - Enigma. 

And here is one of my absolute favorites - I heard it first in a Nikon commercial and fell in love with it. 

And so the day is even better, here's almost 8 minutes of Oasis. 

May your day and week be peaceful and happy!