...had my doubts about was Hotel Transylvania.

(I'm also writing this in the middle of the night from my tablet, so bare with me)

Now for those who don't know what I'm talking about, Hotel Transylvania is an animated movie that came out this year- meaning 2012. 

I also have to tell you that until today I didn't even bother watching its trailer, because it really bothered me that you can't see nowadays anybody who will have a different reaction to the word "Transylvania", but  to ask you if you sleep in a coffin. Or some such rot...

And also, what with all the idiotical vampire movies out there, you can probably understand my slight revultion.

So as to keep you out of your misery, let me show you the trailer and then we can get right down with the review.

All right, so first of all, it might seem like a cliché. Yeah, it has those moments, sure - but which animated movie doesn't have one or two of those moments? 

Also, you have to know that there are quite a few big names glued together with this movie. Names like Adam Sandler (Who voices Dracula - and I LOVED him), Andy Samberg as Jonathan, a young human backpacker (who you might know as the main chimp in the animated movie Space Chimps), Selena Gomez (I'm not too fond of her, but she does an amazing teenager vampire), Kevin James as Frankenstein, Fran Descher as Frankenstein's wife (she is one of the few I recognized without a problem), Steve Buscemi as the werewolf dad, Molly Shannon as a werewolf mom, David Spade as the Invisible Man, CeeLo Green as a fat mummy, Jon Lovitz as Quasimodo, Brian George, as a Suit of Armor, and a whole bunch of others you can look up for yourself if you are curious. 

Quite a list, eh? 

So let's see now, what I liked about this. 

First off, it has quite a refreshing background story - Dracula builds a hotel for all the monsters who are hunted by the humans, so they can all relax. I loved the idea, especially now that it seems we have all kinds of movies about fairy tales (There are quite a few monsters from well known fairy tales present at the Hotel). 

I loved the fact that the whole story was presented from the point of view of the "villains" and I loved the fact that the movie makers managed to put in there a little scene that makes fun of Twilight: 

In fact, they won me over only with this little clip. 

I also loved the fact that it manages to make a connection between the old days and the modern ones - especially via the music: 

I liked the humor in it also - it wasn't full with those stupid vomit- and fart jokes a modern comedy nowadays is absolutely full of. Instead it had a bunch of classic cracks at the expanse of the monsters of the old times - I think everyone who is above the age of 20 should be able to understand each one of them... well, if these people actually took one or two books in their hands. 

I would actually put this one somewhere between Gnomeo and Juliet, and Wreck-it Ralph, to tell you the truth. 

I also have to admit that nowadays I managed to mostly catch up with a few other animated movies too. Besides the already mentioned Wreck-it Ralph, I also took a look at the third part of Madagascar (I was never a big fan of the series, but I thought.. what the hell), The Pirates! Band of Misfits (barely above average) Kung Fu Panda 2 (same thing), Moster House (absolutely weird, but OK), and the three Toy Story movies (they were quite good - as all Pixar movies are - but they still didn't become my favorites, sorry. 

Now, in terms of what i'm looking forward to when it comes to animated movies, here's a short list (will only post those that already have a teaser or trailer): 

1. The Croods:

2. Epic: 

3. Monsters University:

4. Despicable Me 2:

I'll be back with more as soon as some more info comes out... so enjoy these while you can!