...thought I should once again bring to your attention are... games!

I know, it sounds boring to some of you guys. But still, here's a way to waste your life away now that you have so many other things you should do - namely cleaning, cooking, baking, shopping, washing up, etc.

I promise I already tried this games sometime in the past.

1. Doodle games!

First, there was Doodle God. 

The game that brought me a few hours of enjoyment (only a few, because I didn't feel the need to buy the full iPhone version- especially since I would rather chew my hands off than buy an iPhone). It's addicting, it's fun, and it's really simple as games go. 

You are given a bunch of elements. Basic ones, like air or earth. And since you are playing Doodle God, I think you guessed what you have to do with them: combine them to get new items. And then combine those and the new ones and the old ones, and so forth. The fun doesn't end here - believe it, it IS fun, just try it- as soon as you get a new element you will be given a quote from someone that has something to do with that particular element. So yeah, you might actually learn something. 

And if you are into it, you might want to try Doodle God 2  (if you check this one out first you will also have the option to play trough the first game, because it includes it. Or if you completed that one already, feel free to start from where you left off), or if you are more into the dark side, there is also Doodle Devil. 

You have to combine elements to create new stuff in this one too- only this time you will create evil things. Well, mostly. 

All right, so if you are done playing around with these, let's get to other things. 

Another game I liked is Flight. 

This one is one of those games where you have to gather up some money to upgrade yourself so that you can open up achievements- and if you are not into that stuff, so you will be able to get to the end of it. Yeah, so this one starts out with an actual paper plane, and from then on you will be able to turn yourself into something bigger and better.

Hmm, what next... Let's see. 

William and Sly, perhaps. 

It's basically a treasure hunt game, where you impersonate a little fox. As you go along you will -of course- unlock different kinds of skills, so it won't become boring at all! It also has amazing music, so it will get you in the mood. And if you are finished, it also has a second part! 

And William and Sly 2 is even better than the first one. It's a pretty short game, and I already finished it a couple of times. Just for the fun of it. I swear it's worth it. 

Wonder if the guy who made this will make a third one... 

But do you know what has 3 parts? It's Snail Bob!


This one is once again a short little game. The first one has you play as Bob, and you have to basically guide him home trough a bunch of puzzles. It's pretty easy, so you'll breeze trough it without a problem, but it also looks great and it has its own sweet humor, so this one is a "should at least try". 

And if you are done with the first, Snail Bob 2  will want to take a present back to his grandpa. It's once again short - I swear, you'll finish it in about half an hour if you are not full retarded. Then, there is also Snail Bob 3  where you mistakenly end up in Egypt, and you will have to find your way back home. 

And if you loved these, here's a bunch of other ones, this time with and Elephant. And I swear, as soon as I'm done with this, I'll close up the post. 

First off, the Achievement Unlocked series.  

It's about as "bad" as it sounds. You are mainly in control of a blue elephant, and you have to do a bunch of things to unlock different achievement. There's no award or anything for this, you do it just for the fun. And believe me, it's fun. And annoying. About as much as Angry Birds can be annoying. 

It also has a second part , and a third part. And it gets better and better. 

Also, with the same elephant we have Elephant Quest, which has a slightly better look - but believe me that the look in this one doesn't matter one bit. 

And then we have the "This is the Only Level" series, that basically has your elephant stuck in a room, and you will have to figure out how to get to the exit... only to find yourself in the same room, with a different way to get to the exit and so on. It's actually quite fun, and you always get hints to figure it out. 

Oh, and as I said, it's a series, it also has a second part.  And a third.  

So, what do you think - will you try them out? Pretty please? :D