...came across a few times already are lists with certain "unanswered" questions.

Now, before someone points it out that I have no idea how to take a joke let me clear this up. I KNOW these questions are meant as a joke. But whenever I'm not in the mood for jokes, I will criticize things... and these won't stand a chance either. So, without any further ado, here are MY answers to the questions. 

10. The answer to this question is a sarcastic who the hell cares? Besides that, no. 

9. People didn't evolve from apes. We share a common ancestor with them. There's a difference, and every intelligent person should know this already. Also, the question is kind of stupid anyways. It's like asking, if all life evolved from simple cells, how come there are still simple cells today? Or, to make it more for your understanding: if every hamburger starts out as cow, how come there are still cows out there? Heh... see? 

8. Whoever believes that there are 4 billion stars out there must be an idiot. You can't expect anything else from idiots, right? 

7. Excuse me? Have you seen Meet the Parents?

6. Whales has so much fat because they dwell in freaking cold waters. The fat also makes them able to handle a lot more pressure, and it makes them able to move a lot slower - which is pretty great, because if they would be made of muscles, they would sink in no time. Also, whales are not fat, they are large. 

5. Because light fixture are not as fixed as you think. Those bugs have exoskeletons, and they are very flexible. They generally search for enclosed spaces where they could be safe from predators, and where they can "nest". 

4. I'm guessing it's because he was raised by humans, and thus he learned to duck when something large and metal is flying towards him. 

3. Because they lowered their expectations. 

2. Because you are inconveniencing the bank by asking them to do useless stuff. Because it costs the bank to process these bad checks, then send them back and correct the accounting. The fee they charge you with will be deducted when you deposit more money. 

1. Because he shaved it off. What kind of stupid question is that? He was clearly intelligent enough to notice that it would only get in the way (lice, others being able to get a better grip on him etc). It's not like shaving is a modern thing anyways.