...managed to finish today is the first book of the Maze Runner Series.

I've been out at our village again, so I had some time to read in the open air, sitting under a tree. It was actually pretty fun, and now I'm going to bore you guys with a short review.

This book was recommended to me after I read The Hunger Games, and I actually really enjoyed it - finished the whole thing in a couple of days (although if I would have had more time I think I could've done it in a single day. 

I've been looking for some books nowadays that would get me into the excited mood I used to have as a kid whenever a new story came along. Sadly, nowadays it's kind of hard to find anything like that... or maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places. Who knows. 

Anyways, what I wanted to tell you about James Dashner's series is that the first book was good enough for me to stick around with it, even though there is not much going on. 

The story is simple until now - a young boy wakes up inside a lift that drops him off in a glade with a bunch of other boys. We see things from his point of view, which is pretty good, since the mystery behind the whole place is what kept me reading. 

The boy (Thomas) doesn't remember anything from his old life, and neither do the other guys. The Glade - the place they now live in- is just a safe heaven from the Maze that's outside the walls, which is full of two kind of creatures; the beetle blades, the mechanical creatures trough which the Creators spy on the boys, and the Grievers, the horrific machines that kill everyone who is outside of the Glade when night falls... something like this: 

I'm not going to ruin it for anyone who wants to read the books, but it does have a couple of cool things in it, and the best part (or is it the worse?) is that Dashner keeps the whole thing short enough so you don't lose interest. 

It's fast paced, and it manages to somehow get the main characters close to your heart in a matter of seconds. Yes, even the "evil" ones. 

Now, since I'm only reading the second book of the series (you'll see that the first book won't satisfy your need to know what's going on - it barely has any explanations, which is why I consider it a cool book. It keeps me guessing.), I probably woudn't even be able to ruin much for you guys, but here's the book trailer for it: 

Also, I'm glad that I could catch this now, because it will apparently be turned into a movie (sometime in 2014), so I'll be ready for it. 

And now, I'm off to re-watch the first movie of The Hunger Games (I kind of forgot most of it, so it will be fun!)