...heard a talk about a few days ago was football.

Well... not the sport, really, but the fact that humanity is insane.
You see, in our country it is forbidden to go inside a stadium with certain items (which isn't that much of a problem in on itself, but let me elaborate on it first).

I'm talking about things like... lighters (but matches are OK) - because apparently you can throw that stuff at the head of the players.

Of course, as the person who complained about this said, other things are totally permitted. Like those old time umbrellas with the pointy ends with which you can kill three people with a single stroke. Stupid? Sure!

But I'm not here to talk about football. I'm going to show you guys a couple of stupid things that got banned from certain parts of the world...

1. Spiked Hair

I have no idea why this would actually bother a whole country, but apparently Iran doesn't want anyone to show up with a hairstyle that reminds them of western countries. 

2. Best friends 

I just heard about this... I mean, it's a recent thing. Some British schools are banning their students from having best friends, because they feel that they are saving them from being hurt when they will have to split up. Or something like that. 

Are these people insane, or what? 

3. Time Travel 

After best friends, here we are at a totally funny part of the world... China. 

Now, before you say that they are absolutely insane (although after you'll finish with this one I won't stay in your way if you believe that their government IS totally insane), I'm talking about time travel as a fictional concept. 

Apparently they think that it's disrespectful to history. 

Oh, come on... Have you guys looked at a history book in your life? 

4. Reincarnation 

Hello again, China! 

Oh, we didn't leave the country yet? Eh, who cares. 

China thinks that it's a good thing to ban reincarnation - especially when it comes to tulkus. 

Tulkus are people who think that they are "living Buddhas", which makes them have the superpower of actually choosing in what form they will come back. 

So why is this banned? 

Because the Dalai Lama said that he won't reincarnate in Tibet until it stays under China's control. 

5. Words

Okay, let's go to the USA now. 

You see, New York's Education Department actually banned certain words from being used on standardized tests, because they think that they would cause unpleasant emotions in students. 

What kind of words, do you ask? 

Dinosaur, dancing, Halloween, poverty and birthday. 

...The fuck? 

+1. Balls and winning 

Balls are banned in certain schools (Toronto), because at some point in history some asshole parent got hit in the face by one and he thought that it was dangerous. I'm betting he didn't have a childhood. 

Also, in Connecticut some schools banned any competitive games, because they think that the feelings of kids would get hurt. Overprotective much? What's next? Plastic bubbles around the kids?