...have to tell you about is my morning.

I woke up not too long ago and my first thought was "I wonder what countries allow mercy killing".
I have no idea what brought this question on (it must have been something I dreamt about), but I DO have my tablet besides my bed, so I tried to look it up.

Which made me think about today's blog post. After all, when you have an idea, why not use it, right?

Thus, I decided to share with you guys my opinions on certain... taboo topics. So let me start out with what I already mentioned... mercy killing. 

I know that most of us live in countries that don't allow it, but I think that's a pretty stupid law.

In my opinion euthanasia should be allowed everywhere - but of course it has to have certain conditions. If some countries can keep it under control, why not everyone else, right?

Also I seriously think that if someone is terminally ill and suffering, they should have the right to end it - otherwise aren't we all shredding to pieces certain basic human rights?

I know, I know, the biggest issue here is religion (funny thing, since I believe most taboo topics have something to do with religion), but I absolutely believe that you can not be a bigger asshole but to say that someone shouldn't be allowed to decide something like this for themselves, while there are thousands of other people committing murders in the name of certain gods.

Ok, on to another topic... abortion. 

Since I'm pro mercy killing, I also think abortion is all right. Especially when a parent doesn't want to keep a baby that they know will have a terminal illness. I don't understand how a parent could stand to see their children suffering from something like that.

And this brings me to sex education. 

I'm not sure how that topic is faring these days, really (I haven't been in a school for quite some time), but in this topic I'm absolutely sure that teenagers should learn about everything sex related, instead of them being taught abstinence.

I think that it's basic human psychology for people to want to do exactly the thing they were forbidden to do (especially in teenagers), and when it comes to sex, we all know that every healthy teenager thinks about it more than they don't.

So, instead of saying "don't do it", how about you talk about safety and other topics? I do believe that it would save a lot of trouble.


Medical Marijuana... 

I'm Pro. Why?

Because it's incredibly useful when it comes to certain illnesses.  Besides, when it comes to Medical Marijuana, scientists say that there is no chance that people would actually become addicted to it, because most people don't take it on a daily basis (it's medicine!), and unlike with nicotine alcohol or hard drugs, medical marijuana doesn't have any withdrawal symptoms.

Another topic... Violent video games. 

I'm not really sure why this is a taboo topic, but I do believe that every person who thinks that violent video games will make kids more violent is an idiot.

I mean...come on, people? It's not like video games are the first thing that introduced violence to our lives. There are the constant wars, movies, cartoons, and even books with that topic.

Also, I used to play violent video games all the time when I was a kid- I swear, I played them a lot more than I do so now (Doom, Heretic, Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein, Mortal Kombat, etc.).

Oh, and if a person is not able to distinguish between a video game and real life they have more trouble than we are talking about.

Death penalty.  

Pro - but only in extraordinary circumstances.

Call me an asshole, but when someone murders, tortures, rapes and does other awful things, the only thing that would keep the general populace safe from them in my opinion is to end their lives. I don't think anyone that crazy should have the right to plead insane and get away from being shut down for life.

You killed someone out of spite? You have no humanity left in you - you should be treated like an animal.

Aannnd this is about it. Do you have any other important taboo topics I forgot about? Feel free to ask me about them!