...posted a review about a couple of days ago was the Maze Runner.

And since I went into this trilogy I'm not about to skip on writing a review for ALL of the books - including the fourth one, which is actually a prequel.
Bored yet? :)) (Looking at the numbers of my views, yes...)

Aaaanyways, Here's a short review on this book.

Let me start off with "I kind of liked this book better than the first one". 

I'm not sure why, but I did. 

The Scorch Trials continues one day after the Maze Runner's end, with the boys waking up to find themselves still inside the Trials. Only this time Teresa is gone, and they are joined by another telepath who goes by the name of Aris. 

Then there is WICKED, and the way James Dashner managed to still keep me interested in the proceedings, even though I still know nothing about what's actually going on. 

Well, Dashner might not be the world's best author out there, but I kind of like where he is going with this story.  I'm weird, I know... I looked into the Goodreads section of his books, I saw that there are really only a few people who gave it more than three stars, so I went ahead and did him a favor of marking it with a full point. 

Mainly because I wasn't bored while reading it. 

Apparently I'm a shallow person - I need constant action twisted together with mystery in my books to like it (kind of like how I loved The first book of The Hunger Games, but later on it grew boring, or how annoying I found the last two books of The Game of Thrones series).

The only thing I found lacking in it was the fact that it's too short. 

I would have loved to see more description going on with certain things - it's kind of hard to imagine absolutely new monsters that are introduced to the storyline only at the last few chapters of the book. Pointless even. 

But back to the point of the book. 

I have a few theories on it at this moment - tho I think I still need to get trough the last book to understand it fully. Still I would go as far as to say that James Dashner is probably a Walking Dead fanboy. 

The Flare kind of gives it that "zombie" feel, with all the people slowly losing their mind, and their emotions. I almost can't wait to actually see this on the screen, because it has a few scenes in it that would probably make one or two people green in the face. 

Oh, and Minho reminds me of Glenn from The Walking Dead a LOT (which is why I would have loved Steven Yeun as the guy to play his character, but oh well). Still, out of all the characters Minho is my favorite, which is why I dearly hope that Newt will be the one to die in the future and not him (I'm only saying this, because I have the feeling that one of the main characters WILL die sooner or later, and it will be between the two of those boys). 

And just like with The Maze Runner, I leave you guys with the Book Trailer for this (which probably won't say much to you unless you read the book).