want to present to you guys are two video games.

I happened on them the last few days, and both of them are pretty simple, so I'm going to crush them into a single post. Let me start with the one I already finished... Papo & Yo.
Papo & Yo is a fantasy adventure video game that apparently came out way back in 2012 on the PlayStation 3, but they only released it this year for the PC (Trough Steam, of course).

As you already know already, I kind of love indie games, especially when they come out as meaningful and amazing as Papo & Yo did.

The whole story starts out with the message: "To my mother, brothers ans sister, with whom I survived the monster in my father". 

Now if that doesn't get you interested in the gameplay probably nothing else will. 

Papo & Yo has four different characters in it. The first one, Quico, the little boy of who the player takes control as he runs away from home, where the second character - Monster, aka an abusive, alcoholic father- lives. 

The whole game has an amazing dream-like quality to it, and it's filled with so many metaphors, you'll quickly learn that it shouldn't be taken literally. 

Now, what I didn't tell you guys about this is that Quico has the ability to switch around the whole environment he is in, and you apparently start out with the idea of searching for a "cure" for your father. 

The puzzles you have to solve along the way are pretty simple, and you won't really get penalized for failing, so it's not a long experience. 

Which is a pretty good thing, considering the whole story. 

Monster at first starts out as a cool friend of yours who helps you achieve your goals, but as the game progresses you'll learn that as soon as Monster consumes a "frog", he'll turn into a raging beast that will terrify and bash you. 

The other two characters in the game are Alejandra, a girl that gives him the idea of trying to find a cure for the beast, and Lula - a little Robot that you can use to reach points in the game you couldn't before. 

As I said, the game is gorgeous and really worth the playtrough.  Oh, and before I forget, the sounds for everything were directly recorded in Brazil, where the whole action takes place.

 I'm going to show you guys the trailer for the game now, and then I'll go to the second review. 

Now, the second game is called "Don't Starve", and that's basically all you have to do in it. 

This is an Indie Survival game, where you start out with the guy you see on the picture above, and have to survive a whole new world you are thrown into. 

It may sound easy, but believe me that every little action you do has different consequences, so taking it slowly is probably the best way to play it. 

As I said, at the start of the game you will be thrown into a new universe (and as far as I noticed, every time you die and start the game again, you'll be in a whole new world). You'll have to start gathering sticks and grass and flint and food, so you can use each new item to build something new. 

Of course, the game has an inner time too, so you'll have to basically finish every activity when night time is falling, and sit around a fire, otherwise total darkness will fall, and you will be killed. 

There are a whole bunch of things that you can build, there are different kinds of monsters out there that you can fight, and you can use your environment to not only make traps and farms, but to slowly grow up to a place from where it is not too much a problem to survive. 

Oh, also, you have three different things you have to keep the track of: first one is your health, of course - you won't be able to eat anything you find, and fighting with monsters along your way will lower this. Then, there is the Hunger, of which you will have to keep track, because as soon as you run out of things to eat you'll start having health problems. And the third thing is your Sanity - because when you are all alone for such a long time, you'll slowly start losing it. 

Anyways, I won't bore you to death with any more explanations, but instead I'll leave you guys with a short presentation of the game. Enjoy!