...am excited about is today evening's concert.

Apparently the City Days started now, and there are a whole bunch of stuff to check out (to which I'm too lazy to go).
I'm also currently waiting for Monday because I have no idea how to write a damn abstract, because my dissertation is not yet finished and my English teacher decided that the English exam will be to present our dissertations in English. Heh... fun for the family.

But still, at least this gives me a bit of free time now (before I start cramming for the exam on Friday... Only 50 pages to learn, so not a problem. Hopefully.)

But what concert? I know, I'm heartless for making to wait for the big reveal. Well, it's a Loreen concert, of course. DUH.

Everyone will be there, and all of us will know exactly one song from her, but we will stay around just to hear that. Still, it will be worth it. (Don't expect me to come back with a video of THAT song, because I'll be enjoying it too much to care about filming. The most I can promise is to try and take a few pics of the stage. Heh.)

___________________________________________________________________________________This space reserved for possible pictures (only possible at this time, tho)


I tried to take some pics for you guys, but as things go with this stuff, they didn't come out right. I think I'll have to start actually learning how to use my camera as soon as I finish my exams :D

Anyway, here's what I could salvage... well. I mean, here are the pics hat actually show something.

And here's a short little video too. It's not even the full song because I got bored of taking the video in the middle of it, and I thought I shall just look up the full song on YouTube later. (Actually I thought that Shazam will find it for me, but NOPE, no such luck) ... and while I'm waiting for it to be uploaded I actually looked for it on YouTube by typing in some lyrics. It tells me it's "If She's The One". :D Oh, how I love the Internet.