...spent some time with today was to make some brownies.

I never really made them - not according to this recipe, that is, and considering that it had yoghurt in the ingredients we just had to try it out. And as things go with things like this, I thought, why not pass it on?
Here are the ingredients for the brownie:

1 mug of water (2dl)
4 tablespoons of cocoa
2 mugs of flour
1 mug of sugar
1 tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate
1 dl yogurt (the simple kind, without any fruits or other stuff in it)
1 package of vanilla sugar
2 eggs
22 dkg margarine

And the ingredients for the chocolate on the top:

1 package of vanilla sugar
12 dkg powdered sugar
6 tablespoons of yogurt
4 tablespoons of cocoa
12 dkg of margarine

And now here are the steps you should follow:

Put the water, cocoa powder and margarine in a pot and heat it up until it is smooth.

Take it off, and add the flour, the sodium bicarbonate and the sugar. 

Mix them all together again, until smooth, then add the yogurt, the eggs and the vanilla sugar. 

Again, mix until smooth :D

Now place it into a pan and bake it until you can insert a toothpick without it getting sticky. 

When it's ready, it's time to make the topping: just mix all the ingredients together. 

Dribble that extra chocolate on the top of it, while it is still warm! 

Now wait until it gets all cold, and then cut it up. This is important, wait until cold! 

And, of course, enjoy!