...apparently manage is to make some time to write a blog post.

Since I know that if I live out a bunch of day I will more than likely never return again, I guess I have to try to write something no matter how small :)
Anyways, since I managed to more or less finish what I proposed for today (huh, I didn't even realize that I've been writing that dissertation for 5 straight hours now), I thought I will delight you guys with something about myself again.

Thus, if you don't give a crap about me, feel free to move along!

For those who stayed here for the ride, here are some possibly annoying things I tend to do, think or feel.

1. I'm pretty much an expert at crowd dodging... Ask my friends. If you want to get out of a big crowd, you only have to follow me. I'll find the way!

2. I still play the "but why" game with my parents.

3. Sometimes when I come across of any kind of tile, I make up a pattern, and I have to walk across it just like that.

4. When I try to explain things that seem extremely logical to me people will get even more confused than before.

5. As soon as someone gets to know me really well, I start backing out of the relationship.

6. Thus I rarely, if ever say the L word.

7. I want to do everything at least once... eventually.

8. While traveling, I tend to select something and count them (windows, mile posts etc.)

9. I think that the loss of 85% of global population is a good price for some peace and quiet.

10. Sometimes I randomly laugh at my thoughts and when people ask what's so funny, I tell them "nothing".

11. I obsessively use slashes and parenthesis in my written sentences because I get sidetracked.

12. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I were a boy.

13. Most of the time I don't feel like going out of the house or talking to anyone.

14. Sometimes I turn off my phone so people can't reach me and then tell them that my battery died.

15. I'm a lot more fun in writing than in face-to-face talking.

16. I will even procrastinate when it comes to fun activities.

17. I love criticizing things.

18. I think about conversations long after I had them.

19. When I was a kid I could speed up or slow down my time perception.

20. Sometimes I try moving things with telekinesis.

21. Sometimes I imagine that I can see auras.

22. I tend to forget what I have to do or what I did in a matter of seconds.

23. I can sit in the same place for hours without a problem (yes, toilet too).

24. I contemplated suicide but decided I wanted to live forever (or at least have a time machine) instead just to see what will be discovered in the future.

25. Almost every time i'm going somewhere, when I get to the place I realize that I forgot how I got there because I was thinking about something.

26. I rarely laugh when someone tells me a joke, but if someone tells me not to laugh, I can't stop doing it.

27. There are times I don't notice that the day is almost over and it's getting way  to dark to see.

28. Sometimes I freak out when I hear my voice on the phone.

29. I absolutely hate it when people look over my shoulder.

30. If I call someone with whom I never spoke on phone before I would most certainly start with "Hello, this is Tünde, may I speak with X?"

31. I think a rainy day is better to go outside than when it's sunny.

32. I don't read my own posts after I finished writing them, not even to check for mistakes.

33. I'm well prepared for any disaster... in my imagination.

34. I constantly wear earphones even when I'm not listening to anything (I'm doing it right now).

35. Sometimes when someone asks me something I instantly forget the question and just stare at them with a blank face.

36. I look for things that are already in my hand.

37. I forget what I'm searching for while I'm searching for it.

38. I ever find things that are right in front of me.

39. When something requires you to first clean it than eat it, sometimes I would throw away the good part and trying to eat the shell or wrapping paper.

40. I reference attachments in e-mails and forget to actually attach them.

41. I constantly think about what I did in past lives or alternate universes.

42. I prefer to text than to talk on the phone.

43. I talk to myself.

44. Sometimes when I spot someone while walking outside before they spot me I pretend I didn't notice them.

45. When it comes to single letters I constantly have to say the full alphabet to realize which letter comes after the other. Same thing with multiplication (I have to say the whole 6* 7* and 8* ones to get to the one I want)

46. I know some info about the weirdest, most disgusting things. Especially when it comes to sex.

47. I find it hard not to laugh when it comes to farting.

48. I tend to put on my clothes inside-out or with the wrong side facing front.

49. Sometimes my memories end up being dreams, and I don't notice this until someone points it out.

50. I won't look people in the eye when I talk to them.

51. I used to read books while I walked home.

52. I have trouble remembering birthdays, including my family.

53. Sometimes I find it hard not to dance on the street when I'm listening to a song I love. Or sing it out loud.

54. I start writing something and then get distracted while find something interesting to read. Yes, I just did that now.