...think is time for is a post about fruits.

Mostly, because I couldn't come up with a better idea, and mom bought cherries today, and OMGYESILOVECHERRIES.
Thus, here are my favorite fruits...


When I was a kid and we spent a bunch of time at the countryside we had to find something to entertain ourselves with. Going around in neighboring gardens, climbing up trees and stuffing our faces with cherries until we were almost sick was one of them. 

2. Wild cherries 

I didn't see or taste any wild cherries since those same years, but I remember them fondly. They are a bit more sour than cherries, but they have an awesome taste nonetheless. Kind of like a step between cherries, and... 

3. Sour cherries

Though I can't eat as much of this as the cherries (they ARE pretty sour, after all)  I still love them. Especially when they are de-seeded and made into a compote. Nothing better :)

4. Oranges

In my life oranges equal winter. Oranges are almost the only fresh fruit I can stuff my face with in winter without any problems... mostly, because they are the only "winter" fruits I love. Mandarins, clementines, tangerines... Meh. Oranges? Hell yeah! 

5. Grapes 

Of course, there are a whole bunch of different kinds of grapes out there, my favorite ones being the Sultana (Thompson Seedless Grape) They are sweet and have a delicious taste that you might know from the sultana raisins. Sadly, they are pretty damn expensive too, compared to other types of grapes so we don't have mach of them. 

6. Morus (Mulberry)

Not the white ones, the black ones. OMG they are awesome. We used to have a huge morus tree when I was a kid, one that we could only reach from the top of the warehouse that was connected to the main building, and that could be reached by climbing up to the attic of the house, and climbing out from a little window. And every time we attacked the tree we looked like we didn't bath for a year... that fruit is really, really messy, but it's worth it! 

7. Gooseberries

Again, the red ones are way better than the green ones (I find they are sweeter). Though I only like this one when it is fresh (so no compotes or soups from it, please!)

8. Currants

Red ones, not the black ones :D Especially when we make currant egg white foam (beat the egg whites until it's all hard, mix in sugar and currant. You can also use strawberries or raspberries- sis prefers raspberries, but I still think currant is way better). 

Aaaand, I think this is pretty much it. I wonder if I left anything out... any suggestions?