...have to apologize for is not writing anything yesterday.

As you already know by now, I'm trying to "graduate" this year (getting my Master's Degree), so I'm a little busy at the moment.
The end of this school year is rapidly approaching, and I'll have exams coming up starting next week.

Oh, and of course this means that my sister is also graduating high school next week, so I'll have my hands full with alternating between helping out with the organization for that, trying to study, and going to the lab so I can figure out my dissertation (oh, and also writing all of it down...).

Thus, I will have to warn all of you that the upcoming posts might be short and not that well-thought out (if I ever get down to writing every day). I'm sure that I will feel at least a little bit stressed out, and also tired and wishing that I never started this whole thing at all.

Anyways, this doesn't explain the lack of posts yesterday.

Well, here's the answer to the "why". I had to finish up my "homework" for today - I was supposed to have English class, but it got canceled. Still, I'm glad that I finished the thing, because the professor asked for us to present it to her, and she took off with them (we usually just talk about the objectives).

I also had to cook beside that, and in the afternoon I went to the opera with my friend, Ágota. I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but her mom works at the opera and she usually manages to get us tickets for the shows (Thank you!).

We saw "Valahol Európában", which translates into "Somewhere in Europe", or according to Wiki, "It Happened in Europe".

It is not clearly stated when exactly the story happens, but looking at the clothes and the scenery it is pretty clear, it's in the Second World War.

It starts out with a little boy who just lost his father, and who is all alone now, and with the State's Correctional facilities bombed down, only a couple of other boys seem to be alive. Thus, the children come together in a group, and they try to survive in the war by robbing houses and people they find on the road.

At one point they come across another group of kids, and after some fighting they realize that they would be stronger if they would stick together.

Meanwhile the army starts looking for the kids, because they were proclaimed tramps and vagrants, so they go out of their way to catch (and even kill) them.

The kids eventually find an old, abandoned looking building and they take refuge in there, but they soon find out that it belongs to an ex-conductor and composer. After the initial distrust between them, they end up being friends, and the man teaches the kids how important "music" is.

Eventually the army finds them and while the kids fight it out, the composer goes out of his way to ensure that the children will belong to him, and that they will be able to live in his home.

This, of course end the fight between the army - the kids are no longer vagrants, after all-, but the happiness is all cut short when they realize one of their best friends was shot.

So this is basically the whole story behind the musical, and I have to tell you it's one hell of an emotional roller-coaster.

I especially loved how the kids were involved in all of this. I admit, the main characters didn't impress me too much, but when it came to scenes with the whole group of children, it was amazing.

And here is my favorite song from the whole musical:

I know, I know, it's in Hungarian so you don't understand it. Thus, I found you guys an English translation of it, that you can find here. Enjoy!