...came upon not too long ago was an amazing blog post.

And since I found the whole thing to be a little bit unbelievable, I had to check out its authenticity. Apparently, it's all freaking true (even NASA confirms it), so I had to share this with you guys.
The original blog post can be found here, and looking at the date I was absolutely surprised that it was made in 2006.

Would someone please tell me howcome I didn't know about this before? It seems like a freaking amazing thing (well, if it is real - and as I said, there are quite a few sites that say it's real, like Discovery, and Hoax Slayer).

Anyways, since I'm not a specialist in the field, I would actually like to know a few more things about this (Ágota, thoughts? :D).

But I talked too much already without actually saying anything, so here's the story.

Maiken is (or was? Don't know much about it) a yacht, and it was floating in the South Pacific, when it came across this:

Yacht Maiken New Island 1

Upon checking it out more closely, they realized that it is not a beach they came across, it is actually some sort of sand floating on the water. But where did it come from? 

Yacht Maiken New Island 2

Yacht Maiken New Island 5

The sand is actually volcanic rock, and if there is something like this around, that means that an active volcano should be visible not too far from the place. 

Yacht Maiken New Island 8

Yep, there it is. 

But... as the people on the yacht were watching this, guess what happens. 

Yacht Maiken New Island 10

The ashes cover up the sky, and... what is that thing floating on the water? 

Yacht Maiken New Island 12

It is a new. fucking. island. 

Yacht Maiken New Island 15

It formed in front of their eyes... 

Now, as I said, I was skeptical about this - after all, in my world islands don't exactly for in a few minutes - but here we are. 

Still don't believe it? 

Here's NASA's short article on it.