...can tell you guys today is that I have an amazing sister!

I've been in stitches all night and today morning, waiting to find out how my sis did on her first big exams.
As you probably know already, she just finished her 12th grade and managed to graduate without a problem - but there was another jump she had to make.

We call it the Baccalaureate.  Or, in Hungarian "Érettségi", which you can kind of translate into "proof of maturity". Or something of that account.

Anyways, she told us that she had problems with her Romanian written test, so we were all a bit worried that she won't pass and will have to repeat it in the fall, but alas, she made it!


I just wanted to say that I am - we are all - very proud of her, and may she do good on all upcoming tests in her life, be them any kind!

Congrats, sis, you're the best!!!!